“Priests are given the grace by God to be the ministers of Jesus Christ among the nations, fulfilling the sacred task of the Gospel…” - Presbyterorum Ordinis, 2

Priests are called to a life of humble service to God through the Church. This vocation is both seen in the diocesan priesthood and religious life. They are both vocations coming from God and the Church needs both diocesan priests and religious men and women in carrying out her mission to give witness to Jesus in the world.

The vocation to the diocesan priesthood is open only for men. Diocesan priests exercise their ministry in a certain diocese under the guidance of the diocesan bishop. Most diocesan priests are assigned in a parish where they administer the celebration of sacraments for the people of God. Diocesan priests are sometimes called secular priests because their pastoral work consists in providing spiritual nourishment to people who live in the contemporary world.

The vocation to the religious life is open for both men and women. Religious women are usually called sisters or nuns. Religious men can either be a priest or a religious brother. Religious men and women live in their own religious community and exercise their ministry under the guidance of their religious superior. There is a wide variety of religious congregations in the Church. Each of them has a unique spirituality and mission determined by their founder or foundress.

For those discerning their vocation, it is a matter of determining where God is calling you to serve. It is a matter of choosing the path where you would be most happy and generous in serving God through the Church.


#1 Earl Gerard Froilan 2016-02-01 00:52
Dear Brothers, It is my dream to become a priest. I graduated in a catholic school last 2014. Hope that I could join you in the mission of Christ
#2 Earl Gerard Froilan 2016-02-01 00:52
Dear Brothers, It is my dream to become a priest. I graduated in a catholic school last 2014. Hope that I could join you in the mission of Christ
#3 rodel 2016-02-27 13:06
me too, want to serve God.
#4 Christian Monleon 2016-07-03 14:02
Dear Brothers,
My dream is to become a Priest,and as i heard the Mass today,Christ continue to call us to Priesthood, i hope i can join you to study in the Seminary...
#5 Alvin Jove 2016-11-06 09:55
I dreamed to be a priest. I am already a college graduate with 36 units of MA in Education,thus a License Teacher, but working with the DSWD. However, I am already 44 years old on Friday, but stull single. Cn I still be a Priest?
#6 Chester Lim 2016-11-22 15:29
Im 15 and im planning to stop my studies at de la salle university to join the seminary. My only problem is that i get no support from anyone or anybody. Is it possible for me to still continue my plan and wants to become a part of this seminary.
#7 Edmar Enriquez 2017-01-23 13:36
I Graduated from a Catholic Parachoal School in Caloocan Elementary and High School from grade 5 to High School i became a Altar Server in the our parish there is a long story about it on 2nd Year Hs i already plan to enter a seminary but for some instances it fail.

Im 22 Years Old A Graduate of BSHRM from FEU (2014) after my graduation i begin to assists in our family business techinically speaking after mu graduation i dont have a formal work. i guess that was the of god of saying that i should begin my life of studying and serving God as a priest
#8 Kurt Justine 2017-05-07 15:44
Sana Po Makapasok Ako Kaso Wala Pong Sponsor Saka Pera...Huhuhuh Sana Po Makapasok Po Ako Kasi Dream Ko Po Ito Simula Noong Pumasok Ako Bilang Sakristan... Sinubukan Ko Po Sa OLGMS Kaso Po Nagkasakit Si Mama Kaya Di Na Po Natuloy Kaya Baka Dito Na Lang Po Ako Matuloy Sa Seminaryo Niyo...

God Bless Po
+Ad Majorem Dei Gloriam+
#9 Restonie Arboladura 2017-06-17 13:33
good evening brothers may I ask, how can i join this seminary?