San Carlos Seminary is the Archdiocesan Seminary of the Archdiocese of Manila, and the first ever diocesan seminary to be established in the Philippines. For more than three hundred years, it has formed men who contributed much to the growth of the Church in the Philippines and the faith of the Filipino people. Standing on the shoulders of giants – Rufino Cardinal Santos, Ricardo Cardinal Vidal, Bishop Socrates Villegas – Karlistas are proud of the heritage they have inherited from hundreds of years of Filipino diocesan priestly formation, yet remaining humble in the spirit of its patron San Carlos Borromeo’s motto, humilitas.

Karlistas, as the San Carlos Alumni are called, are well known for their deep pastoral formation that they acquired from their Seminary. As future pastors in the diocese, San Carlos Seminary offers a formation that is deeply rooted in the faith, contextualized within the signs of the times, fostered through unity with the Bishop and the local church. Karlistas are also renowned in their love for the liturgy and music. For a San Carlos graduate, a beautiful and orderly liturgical celebration should be part and parcel of the parish community life. It is therefore not uncommon to see Karlistas in different dioceses working in the seminary, diocesan offices and commissions, and even in the remotest area doing their duties as pastors of souls.

At present, San Carlos Seminary has evolved from a small school for the native clergy, to a premier institution for the training of future priests for the whole Philippines and even overseas. Seminarians from as far as Abra, Palawan, and Daet are formed in this seminary. Recent graduates from Vietnam and Burma are now serving as priests throughout parts of Asia. Religious congregations also send their members to San Carlos for their Academic training.

San Carlos Seminary continues its legacy of forming pastors patterned after the heart of Jesus the Good Shepherd.


#41 pao 2017-06-29 01:08
@raph :D
hello sorry for the very late reply,
I just want to ask if you already have your college degree? ASnd/or are you already a professional?
#42 glenn 2018-01-05 04:23
meron po ba online study kasi home study ako
#43 Maria Susana Myriam 2018-02-13 12:32
Hi, I am Myriam a former student in Master Arts in Pastoral Ministry, graduated 2002. I would like to be connected to the registrar office for some important document that I would like to request. Thank you
#44 Lee Warren h. Lim 2018-02-16 02:56
Dear San Carlos seminary;

I'm old i can't enter seminary but Ill help the church and our country!

MONASTIC IDEAS and food recipes and Filipino
ordeals! Thankyou!

Dear San Carlos create spiritual newage amusement parks,
christian toys and reading materials, stirring wheels,
cyberspace machines,& church chancellor's tools.
= That's all!
#45 LINDA 2018-03-12 01:38
Good Day! My grandson who is now in Grade 10 keeps on reminding me since last year that he wants to become a priest. Since I'm very busy in school, I told him to wait till I find time because I'd to see San Carlos Seminary first and for him to inquire. I tied several times to contact 895-8855 but only answering machine answered and when I press loc. 1 then 2 sometimes, still no one answers. Whom will we approach if I bring him there after his final exam.? He's schooling in Lagro High Sch. I'm a college professor here in Phil. Women's University, Taft Ave.,Manila. Hope to hear from you soon. my CP. no. 09064054455
#46 LINDA S. ZACARIAS 2018-03-12 02:11
My grandson's name is
Rolando Roman Z.Carasco

I don't know his email add I will still inquire but I cannot contact him because he has no CP. He is not allowed by his mother to have CP
#47 LINDA S. ZACARIAS 2018-03-12 02:13
Hope you can send me meeting with the vocation director and where so that I can schedule inform him and at the same time also because I'm also busy in my school job
#48 LINDA S. ZACARIAS 2018-03-12 02:15
Pls. send me your direct line/contact tel. line so that I can talk to you now, if possible.
#49 LINDA S. ZACARIAS 2018-03-12 02:19
I've read the message I sent you. There's a topographical error "Hope you can send me meeting"What I want to say is: Hope you can arrange the date, place and time to meet or have an audience/interv iew with the vocation director.